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Coffee is prepared from the roasted coffee beans. Latin America, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa are the leaders in Coffee plantation. In United States, 29 September is celebrated as National Coffee Day.

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  How we work?  

Step One – Initial Consultation

Through meetings, phone calls and e-mail is G4 Tech Solutions  get an understanding of your business and how we can meet your marketing needs. We strive to give you more than just a quick quote and you shuffle off to production. We recognize that every client is unique, and your success is ours, we want to give you a customized solution that will yield results. You are an expert in your industry, so we appreciate your comments above all, and are there to supplement your knowledge by sharing our skills and experience. We will communicate back and forth until we had another the greatest confidence that the service we provide to you.

Step Two – Research & Pre-Production

At this stage we have an understanding of your business and have determined the magnitude of what we provide. It now belongs to your project manager to articulate a vision of the Website designing team and help shape our creative services. This often consist of additional questions from the developers, a competitive analysis and market research. We drive all our discoveries in the project details and start describing son coaching or design concepts. We can provide a rough design website work to ensure that we are heading in the right direction before proceeding with design work intensively.

Step Three – Development

This is where the sparks begin to fly! Now that you’ve approved the roughs, your web designer and developers will ratchet your project up in our production schedule so it gets the attention it needs. We will push and prod desktop publishing technology to its limits to make something remarkable for you!

Step Four – Feedback & Revisions

During this phase you will see our proposed concepts turned into polished designs. We present the designs to you through our online proofing area called the Proof Lab. Here you are able to supply us with your feedback on each design. We will go back and forth in this and the Website development servicesstage until you are thoroughly satisfied with the finished creation.

Step Five – Finalization

Now that you’re madly in love with a custom creation, we dress for file preparation of billing and delivery. Often we help our customers to submit their projects. This includes the hosting sites, assistance can print purchase orders and the media. Finally, all work is stored in the storage and send you the source file on disk.


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