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  Warehouse Management Systems  

List of Modules

  • Store & Inventory Management

          - Purchase Module
          - Warranty Module
          - Dispatched Module

  • Software Security & maintenance Module

    Store & Inventory Management
    Purchase module:
    Stock Maintenance
  • Project wise / Site wise Purchase order (PO) generation
  • Product information
  • Brand, Category, Sub category and group tracking
  • Serial no tracking of each product (if necessary)
  • Auto purchase number generation
Purchase Requisition
  • Selecting purchase vendor from previous purchase history
  • Auto purchase requisition
  • Purchase Return
  • Cancellation of local purchase (Protected by Administrative Password)
  • Date wise / Site wise Purchase
  • Item wise purchase
  • Group wise purchase
  • Purchase value reporting
  • Vendor wise purchase
  • Total purchase value for any set date of time
  • Party ledger for Purchase

    Warranty Module

Stock Maintenance

          Project wise / Category wise/Sub category wise/ Ste wise Warranty product Stock

                      Replacement Stock (if any)

                        Bad stock (if any)

                      Project wise / Category wise/Sub category wise/ Used Stock

Stock transaction In/Out (for any date range)
Inventory keeping cost

          Auto report generation of reorder point (if needed)

Warehouse rent (If any)



Consolidated Stock Report of warranty product
Detail stock report (with serial)
Bad stock report
Stock in / out report for any set time
Stock adjustment and reconciliation


Dispatched Module
Stock Maintenance

          Project wise/Category wise /Sub category wise/ Site wise dispatched or used Stock

                      Replacement / Return Stock (if any)


                      Project wise/Category wise /Sub category wise/ Site wise stock

                      Customer Ledger maintenance



Consolidated Stock Report
Detail stock report
Return stock report
Stock adjustment and reconciliation

Software Security and maintenance Module


The following features will be integrated with all of the above system.

Overall Security features

Three levels of user passwords

User accounts creation and giving permission by the System Administrator (SA)
User creation report by SA
Logon and logout information of user
Menu level security permission


Searching Facilities

Searching facilities of items, sales and customers
Advance searching of stock-in date, time, sales date, and sold by and other necessary information.

All the modules will be interconnected
Software Security and NT security will be provided to protect the system
Any modification or requirement for new reports will cost some extra value to the customer depending on the complexities of the report.

Back up features

Hourly back up facilities to avoid damaging your valuable data
Weekly backup both in hard drive and Tape drive
Retrieve provision from backup

Other features

One click E-mail option with every report
Changing format of any reports to other important formats i.e. users can change the system report to MS Word, MS Excel, HTML (Web Page Format) etc. by a click.


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