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  Accounting Systems  


Software Features

Assigning Control head
Assigning control code from user side
Assigning subsidiary and sub-subsidiary code against control codes.
Reports of that accounts or chart of accounts
Modification of control head
Journalizing Transaction
Voucher entry
Batch or individual posting facilities of vouchers
Posting tracker (tracking of date, time or the person responsible for posting)
Auto posting from sales and Inventory accounts

Ledger report at any moment
Report of Ledger Transaction within any set period

Trial Balance
Showing trail balance report for any particular date
Presentation of accounts from different point of views

Final report preparation/ Final Accounts
Income statement preparation (Protected by password)
Balance sheet preparation (Protected by password)
Bank statement with Reconciliation

Security and Backup Features

The following features will be integrated with all of the above three systems.

Overall Security features

Three levels of user passwords
User accounts creation and giving permission by the System Administrator (SA)
User creation report by SA
Logon and logout information of user
Menu level security permission

Back up features

Hour /Weekly backup both in hard drive and Tape drive
Retrieve provision from backup


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